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North Bend Rail TrailNorth Bend Rail Trail

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Trail Use Guidelines                                 

Trail Courtesy

Biking on the North Bend Rail Trail Bicyclists

  • Ride on open trails only.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Control your bicycle.
  • Always yield trail.
  • Never scare animals.

  • Control your horse.
  • Avoid cross-country riding.

    Horse and buggy ride on the North Bend Rail Trail Hikers
  • Yield trail to equestrians.
  • Allow cyclists and equestrians to pass.
  • Don't cut switchbacks.

  • Motor vehicles not permitted on trail.
  • Warning: Travel at your own risk.
  • Bridges and tunnels may be hazardous.
  • Litter Request: Pack it in - Pack it out.
  • Be considerate of adjacent private land owners.
  • Stay on the trail.
  • When parking do not block trail access or private drives.
  • Camping permitted only in designated areas.
  • Trail conditions vary.

  • North Bend Rail Trail
    Rt. 1 Box 221
    Cairo, West Virginia 26337
    (304) 643-2931
    1-800-CALL WVA

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    North Bend Rail Trail, A West Virginia State Park

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